VCT Pacific Rankings: Gen.G Esports 3-1 Winners

VCT Pacific Rankings: Gen.G Esports 3-1 Winners

According to the VCT Pacific rankings, Gen.G Esports has risen to the top after beating Paper Rex, the team that won the title the previous year, in the grand final of the VCT Pacific Kickoff 2024.

VCT Pacific Rankings: New Looks and New Shining

The Korean team, led by players like t3xture, Lakia, Munchkin, and Karon, a new star who made the game very exciting, won 3-1. These players, who were new to Gen.G’s team, were part of the plan that worked.

VCT Pacific Rankings: Karon shines like a star

Karon, who is the main controller for the team, won the Most Valuable Player award for the tournament because of how well he played. In his first VCT grand final fight, Karon had an amazing 64/43/25 KDA and an average combat score of 214. He was also very good at wrestling.

VCT Pacific Rankings: The Road to Victory: Quick Work The Road to Victory

The first map was called “Ascent,” and Gen.G got off to a fast start. This was PRX’s usual style of play crushed. At halftime, Gen.G. had a 7-5 lead and was in charge of the attack. They won six straight rounds to take a 1-0 lead in the game. The success of the team was due to Karon, who was the leader of the A site.

PRX fights back with a split.

PRX fought back with their triple duelist agent build on the second map, Split. It worked out for these guys. The bold plan they had made it hard for Gen.G to deal with, which led to a quick 13-4 win for PRX.

A lotus flower with a neck and head

There was a fierce fight on the third map, which was named Lotus. Gen.G’s t3xture and Munchkin were able to show they were better and get a small edge, even though both teams won important rounds. Gen.G won by a score of 13–11. Munchkin did a great job in the last few rounds.

Bind: Complete Power and Command

In the most recent map, Bind, Gen.G beat PRX by being smart about how they moved. Because they were made up of two controllers, Brimstone and Viper were able to keep things under control even though PRX had a double duelist and double initiator setup. In spite of PRX’s best efforts, Gen.G was able to seal the deal with a 13-4 win.

Encouragements and Thanks for

Gen.G. won this event and became the VCT Pacific Kings. They also got the top seed at Masters Madrid and three Championship Points for the Valorant Champions 2024 competition.

Throughout this exciting journey, Gen.G Esports demonstrated their skills and their capacity to work together, thereby becoming the new stars of VCT Pacific. There is no doubt that the Tiger Nation is here to stay. Even though NIAGASLOT still getting ready for new difficulties.