What is The Walrus Bucket Saga?

Simply put, it's a collection of all the macro pictures associated with the walrus bucket internet meme.

If you're new to The Saga, start here, click the "Back" links and read from the bottom up (for historical accuracy).

About the site:

It all started (for me) at I Can Has Cheezburger when I saw a handful of walrus macros. Freaking hilarious they were, and I wanted to show all my friends, but it was too complicated to send them lots of links to the different postings and the tags were a bit unruly. So I just collected them all and posted them on a simple webpage in chronological order and sent it to my friends. Well, apparently, my friends can't keep secrets and they passed the link onto everybody on the internets. Some friends!

Then some of those visitors started sending me walrus bucket pix they had found (or made), and then we were up to some 25 walrus bucket pix. I could no longer contain the Walrus Bucket phenomenon in a single webpage. It had grown too strong and was eating my bandwidth in big gulps. I am but a humble economy plan subscriber. o_o

So the singular webpage has now become a blogging database of walrus bucket pix with submissions rolling in on a regular basis. Now it has RSS feeds, a rating system, collapsible menus, and many more walrus bucket pix. All of these new developments and still no bucket for Mr. Walrus. Ah well, only time will tell us what twists and turns Mr. Walrus will encounter on his journey to...Teh Bucket!

Also, I'm quite proud of the banner. I made it mahself.

How do I determine what goes on the site?

To be quite honest, my standards are pretty low. I show the image to 2 or 3 people, usually whoever is online in my buddy list at the time, and ask them, "Is this funny?"

Then I tally the results in a spreadsheet and make a graph and present it to my shareholders.

Okay, not really.

Then I either add it to the site, or I don't! Most submissions make it because most people are quite funny! Some submissions don't make it, but don't let that discourage you. You can always submit another image.

What do you do with my email address?

Nothing. I usually delete the email after I receive it.

I need friends! Where do I go?

Check out The Complete Walrus Bucket Saga Facebook Page! Whew, that's a mouthful.