#116: Hanz up! 

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Kathy Vo  
The New York Knicks’ Cheap Nike Free Run superstar will indeed opt-out of the final year of his deal and become a free agent July 1, according to a Wall Street Journal report. Anthony’s decision to test the free Cheap Nike Air Max agent waters could be the trigger to a wild summer that sees several other stars dive into the free agent mix, including Miami Heat stars LeBron James, Chris Bosh and even Dwyane Wade.
Anthony has apparently bypassed the splashy news conference for a much more Nike Air Max 1 subtle approach to his announcement, according to Chris Herring‘s report in the Journal:
Anthony submitted a formal letter this weekend, Air Max 2014 stating he intends to exercise the early-termination clause in his deal, forgoing the one year and $23.5 million left on his contract, according to the person. In doing so, the 30-year-old star forward becomes the biggest name to join this summer’s free-agent market — for Nike Blazers For Sale now, at least.

The Complete Walrus Bucket Saga - #116: Hanz up!
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The Complete Walrus Bucket Saga - #116: Hanz up!
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