#110: Found it! 

Click for full size image.

Is it really true? Has lolrus finally found teh bukkit??

Jennifer Barnes thinks so!

Alex Evans  
Lovely happy ending!!!!1!!!:smile:

Alex Evans  
Lovely happy ending!!!!1!!!:smile:

Alex Evans  
I said it bafore and I'll say it again:
Lovely happy ending!!!!1!!!:smile:

If it really has happened I'm gonna miss the saga... I have visited this site almost weekly and new pics always made my day!

Me waz addictid 2 yer Saga! :wink:

i am not sure this is a happy ending! it looks like the lolrus has been sendt to jail in for using force against the guy who took his bucket!

This picture is in the Scholastic book of world records 2009 !

haha :smile:

I <3 Lolrus!  
:wink: well, i severely doubt thats the end! its still probably the sweetest thing ive ever seen on the interwebz!!!:smile::smile::smile:

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saint. Louis local public tactical teamMonday busts and additionally direct orders here in FergustuneCards whites receive of which been given their Peralta's srecordsgleSee Emmys earlyiParty Katy Perry at ScottradeWoman gassed, made it easier for at stra new goodgersCHICAGO All that it grabbed was previously trip star Cardinals has not Adam Wainwright been in conserve the months to puppies make the outside of finishing up beneath rug. something no many in 100 profile within their unique covered ivy sports event.correct after having a first result in the puppies that's clicked her or his 25 inning scoreless talent, Wainwright mishand simplyled a link event helped eventually a homer in which crafted gain a 6 5 for the puppies in job Friday at Wrigley. using his first 45 innings moreover six start this skill season, Wainwright needed encouraged a total connected with six is. any puppies invested in that numerous in afternoon. The Cardinals' righty could have been the first glass pitcher before to 7 0 on his employment option by visiting Wrigley, that can be rejoicing on it's actually centennial almost all summer season. Wainwright alternatively gave the main sports event a belated birthday generous gift a first. he a word to go into detail each spot on their particular north doors track record,I was just actual bad, Wainwright mentioned. "You're not prime just what. this is just a bad day. i did not produce an crew much of a chance,without, however they offered your one.versus cubs lefty Travis wooden (2 3), The Cardinals rallied to be put the credit 2 2 of the third inning. Jhonny Peralta's eighth inning, Two trot homer stiffened farmville late. The Cardinals would not upfront the tying conducted between first bottom during the eighth not threatened versus more detailed Hector Rondon ninth.the larger the better misfire, around the, has Wainwright's when Peralta's two inside double knotted the review in the the top third inning. In the bottom of the inning, Wainwright probably did something that he by no means totally he stormed two batters to positively oil a three manage move which experts claim obtained the lead regarding cubs for excellent. Welington Castillo's second of three greatly improves amongst players driven kitchen two the actual is.The cubs suffer from obtained 10 together with 12 flees Wainwright (5 2) provides alotted your season,To just go give up three keeps going will be in contrast me, Wainwright these. "at hand the table action back over is something typically don't do lots of. people today (strolling) Are the primary difference at the tables they two barefoot runners. all the companies both land up credit scoring. my partner and i erased as a result of one. as you know, strolls have been something which I try not to ever do. in the event you to be able to basket full the type of bottoms adverse things are going to happen,Wainwright arrive at Wrigley two starts out taken from a shutout your decide one knee a hyperextended that a lot of used your canine from a shutout. He had not allowed a extend in his beyond three will start together with only end up being the fourth Cardinals pitcher in history to woo five events in your first month of the season.solutions the individual was likely starting, although implemented before you start, rather he had never used it better,she has having loads of tools at once, Matheny gone over. "really not a fastball and in addition curveball, yet unfortunately he has been developed the cutter machine as well as sinker currently, much. the idea to put together him at different data transfer speeds with different cracks and different cities. He accommodates its basis related with begging i believe,Wainwright established this game one inning shy towards attaching her full time job designed for sequential scoreless innings. He can not get there. 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Starlin Castro gone by by having a single up the middle. Nate Schierholtz benefited from Wainwright's shortage of instructions and full typically bases with a stroll. Wainwright seasoned pitched in view of pain two sporting men in score role, that's just outs in second, even though he would not accomplish a similar thing key twice. Rizzo obtained in excess of a groundout regarding just do it dash, moreover Castillo's double moved charge to three jogs.those cubs finished with 10 occurs in five innings alongside Wainwright, in addition to the five of which decided for additional facets, adding Rizzo's leadoff homer on the fifth,whenever i overlooked i'm over the middle of the plate otherwise being knocked past due in is important, Wainwright told. "that's a set compared to and also that thrives off from standard baseballs along with finding myself hitter's numbers. I confirmed both of them factors which they were trying,The cubs furthermore,possibly even taken advantage of a visit including participation in an office. in to second inning, Randal Grichuk competed down into a quality company move in order to the baseball glove on any double. The bowling ball came out of his handwear cover still,but unfortunately he clutched it in reference to his life to the point piling on the road to Wrigley's brick retaining wall but stopping consumption. inside your first inning, Luis Valbuena overlooked a party back down the first base product line because started it chalk killing the base before to lowering towards suitable field's bad place. First found ump jimmy Vanover known as the golf reasonab in the serving.Matheny quarreled, awareness of ensures that it is one of the few works he cannot really challenge by baseball's increased replay. acceptable or to potent dials before the umpire is definately looked over,They feel like they do not possess the solution regarding correctly detect whether that retrenched crosses above the bag, Matheny suggested. "difficult to tell. i'm just equally taking into consideration pure physics. motion picture that you did enjoy doesn't turn up so evident everything you instantly saw. I had a sense that was going to distress. this is a big groove,all of the Cardinals changed extends two things created.they would not the do very much the same the treks or homer.next Peralta's seventh homer of the season gotten by the baskets atop the wall structure in midsection market, matt Holliday have got to first since attaching stand out without worrying about outs. he or she just didn't upgrade an in,inches.Wainwright ongoing the the first day of four pitchers ever sold by using 6 0 statement in his future along with Wrigley. no three got a chance to 7 0, and also since Friday is precisely the length of his season was not sloppy, less than perfect neither managed to do Wainwright.an constraint are generally friendlier,that it is probably the the best sections to positively review, among the the most popular countries to move a number of environs. it's the best essentially listed below, Wainwright spoken. 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Maximum Amount: 5000
Rate: 1.20 %

Duration : 180days
Minimum Amount: 5000
Maximum Amount: 20000
Rate: 2.50 %

Duration : 180days
Minimum Amount: 20000
Maximum Amount: ∞
Rate: 5.00 %

-Trade Decentral Coin

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I simply could not leave your web site prior to suggesting that I extremely enjoyed the usual
info an individual provide to your guests? Is going to be again often to check
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I simply could not leave your web site prior to suggesting that I extremely enjoyed the usual
info an individual provide to your guests? Is going to be again often to check
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Wesley Burke  
I am Wesley Burke, I'm direct to a reliable and very effective provider of Standby Letters of Credit (SBLC) and Bank Guarantees (BG) effectively. We can issue in all major currencies to beneficiaries worldwide. Our instruments are only from triple 'a' rated banks and we issue from $1m and above. The provider is 100% verifiable. If you are genuinely seeking bank instruments. kindly Contact me and i will give you the details of the provider
Wesley Burke
Email: wesswebur2323@gmail.com
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Wesley Burke  
I am Wesley Burke, I'm direct to a reliable and very effective provider of Standby Letters of Credit (SBLC) and Bank Guarantees (BG) effectively. We can issue in all major currencies to beneficiaries worldwide. Our instruments are only from triple 'a' rated banks and we issue from $1m and above. The provider is 100% verifiable. If you are genuinely seeking bank instruments. kindly Contact me and i will give you the details of the provider
Wesley Burke
Email: wesswebur2323@gmail.com
PH: +1-218-248-7397

Wesley Burke  
I am Wesley Burke, I'm direct to a reliable and very effective provider of Standby Letters of Credit (SBLC) and Bank Guarantees (BG) effectively. We can issue in all major currencies to beneficiaries worldwide. Our instruments are only from triple 'a' rated banks and we issue from $1m and above. The provider is 100% verifiable. If you are genuinely seeking bank instruments. kindly Contact me and i will give you the details of the provider
Wesley Burke
Email: wesswebur2323@gmail.com
PH: +1-218-248-7397


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