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Update July 1, 2013Since my affected foot has improved beyond recognition, I've moved on to a new level of personal footwear minimalist. Specifically, moccasins. Since "barefoot" walking can exacerbate a plantar fasciitis injury, I do not advise this unless you're already well on the way to complete healing, and then only with much care. The rest of this article is written with conventional therapeutic footwear in mind, and I still think that's the best way to go while still in the trying to get rid of it stage.
You and I have already discussed my plan that will get both bills to the Senate floor for a final vote. We have also discussed the fact that there are not enough votes in the House or Senate to call itself into special session. The only chance these bills have to pass this year is if you include them in the call of the fourth special session tentatively scheduled to start on July 9th.
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