#1: The one that started it all 

Click to see full size image.

but... that's not a walrus. It's clearly a seal.

Touche... but who's counting. :tongue:

Yep, definitely a female elephant seal. Look at the flippers and the face, and compare with photos of walruses. Completely different.

That's so damn messed up! Pisses me off so bad... why they gotta pick on animals like that? Probably took it away just because it made him/her happy.

merzbow composed an album in honor of this beautiful creature.

they stole that SEAL's bucket!
a few questions
why are half your pictures elephant seals?
why is his accent lolcat?

@ Animals: They probably didn't take it away out of spite, they probably took it away because they needed it. Don't be an asshat.

@:0 The accent isn't called lolcat.

I'm pretty sure she's being fed in that last picture.

Whatever. It's the walrus bucket thing now, so I guess we can't change it. It's just fun, anyway! FAcial expression... And anyway, who wants to get rid of an online saga that's so hilarious ?!

Yeah, it's being fed in the last picture.

But the look... Oh the look!

Scott Kilcoyne  
The Lolrus loves his bucket..

:tongue: all logistics aside, the scenario itself is what makes me roll every time. The crazed face along with the metaphor of a 'bucket' is too good. How did this evade me so long? Glad I found it though.

what's the metaphor? O_O

The Walrus  
I am the Walrus.

ya'll take this way too seriously hahahahahahha.

my husband thinks that lolrus (arbitrary designation for any animal with a bucket?) was on his way to a kegger, and that's really his cup, see, he's so big he needs a bucket-----and that's why he's so sad. makes total sense to me.

@ Rowan - That makes total sense to me too. I'd hate for someone to steal my beer.

Leperflesh.... it's an aquatic mammal with slippery fleshy skin and it's got a bucket.

Besides. What are we supposed to do, now? Make a big internet announcement that it's no longer a lolrus? That's it's a lolseal?

Lolrus just rolls off the tongue. Deal with it.

Btw, nice compilation. I moan "No, they be stealin mah buhket!" all the time. My brother tells me to shut up but then I accuse him of stealing my buhket... it goes on.

Anyway. ^^ :wink:


The best one of them all tbh.


Crowned lord  
:surprised: NOOO they be stealin mah buKKIt!


I recieved this in the mail
we shall all search the internet for the bukkit or we shall all be in big trubble

sincerely, crowned lord, without a bukkit.


Ed Dude  
Long live Lolrus!!!

:blank: WHO CARES IF ITS A WALRUS OR A SEAL!?!?!?!?!?1?! THEY PROBABLY DIDNT HAVE A WALRUS ALL THE TIME SO SHUT UP AND DEAL WITH IT!!! :tongue::tongue::tongue::tongue::tongue::tongue::tongue::tongue::tongue::tongue:

the game

Is this where I'm supposed to post a link to a webstore where you can buy cheap pills and other such crap?

Carlos aka Queso  
:surprised: :sad: :yawn: :wink: :blank: :sad: :surprised: :sad: :smile: :yawn: :smile: :smile: :blank: :yawn: :yawn: :wink: :tongue: :smile: :tongue: :tongue: :sad: :sad: :surprised: :blank: :yawn: :yawn: :yawn: :yawn: :sad: :smile: :smile: :smile:

NOoooessss they be stealin ma nigglets.

NOOOOO! They also be stealin ma nuggets! They be deep fried! And salty...
Niggers love salt.

A Pedophile  
I luv sex :3

<3 <3 <3 <3 :tongue:

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